Qualcomm tries to explain legal gaffes

Qualcomm's lawyers are trying to explain why they failed to produce more than 300,000 pages of evidence in the Broadcom patent case they recently lost. The company filed more than 20 declarations in federal court in San Jose citing errors, misunderstandings and communication breakdowns, but no deliberate plans to hide evidence. While many of the declarations are vague (the lawyers are concerned about revealing confidential communications), the attorneys claim they relied on statements from Qualcomm employees, who said they forgot some events.

"I was shocked and was learning of all these emails and documents for the very first time," said Lee Patch, an attorney with Day Casebeer Madrid & Batchelder LLP, who represented Qualcomm.

U.S. District Judge Rudi Brewster ruled that Qualcomm's actions constituted an "organized pattern of litigation" misconduct. Brewster said Qualcomm had to pay $8.5 million for Broadcom's legal fees.

For more on the case:
- read this article from the WSJ (sub. req.)

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