RadioShack takes iPhone nationwide

Retailer RadioShack today said it will begin selling the Apple iPhone nationwide. In conjunction with the effort, the outlet also introduced a special pricing campaign around the touchscreen gadget.

“The Shack has your iPhone” proclaims RadioShack’s new ad.RadioShack said that, from March 28 to April 10, it will sell the 8 GB iPhone 3G for $95 (with a two-year AT&T Mobility contract) and the 16 GB iPhone 3GS for $195 (again with an AT&T contract). The company also said it will offer a trade-in program for customers' existing iPhones.

"To generate some excitement around completion of RadioShack's national iPhone rollout, we're offering some aggressive prices that we hope will create some buzz," said a RadioShack spokeswoman.

RadioShack announced in November plans to roll out the Apple iPhone to its 3,000 stores nationwide.

So how do RadioShack's prices compare with the competition? Apple offers the iPhone 3G for $99 new and the iPhone 3GS for $199 online new, with the obligatory AT&T contract. Best Buy and AT&T offer similar prices. On the refurbished side, Best Buy on its website offers the refurbished 8 GB iPhone 3G for $79.99 and the refurbished 16 GB iPhone 3GS for $149 (both with an AT&T contract). And AT&T offers a refurbished 8 GB iPhone 3G for $49 (the refurbished 16 GB iPhone 3GS goes for $149) with a two-year service contract.

The iPhone effort is the latest move by RadioShack to boost its cell phone efforts.

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