RealNetworks launches multimedia ringbacks

RealNetworks is debuting a multimedia ringback service that lets subscribers incorporate audio, images and video into their rinbacks. The service was first deployed in June in Korea with SK Telecom and branded COLORing.
RealNetworks first debuted ringback tones with SK Telecom in May 2002 and provides RBTs to U.S. operators such as Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA. According to Larry Moores, senior vice president, marketing and product management at WiderThan, a RealNetworks Co., this service is a natural extension of the original ringback tones. “This takes that personalization experience to the next level.”
Moores thinks multimedia ringbacks will hit the U.S. market, although he wouldn’t say when to expect them. “There is interest from operators. This is talked about in the roadmap,” Moores said.