Google and CommScope reported that their shared Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) system has passed testing by the ITS to support CBRS.

Portland is just one municipality that has asked the FCC to reconsider its pre-emption order.

T-Mobile is urging the FCC to deny rule changes for the 70/80 GHz and 92-95 GHz bands that would allow the use of maritime and aviation SDDLs.

The New T-Mobile, if it’s allowed to merge with Sprint, will be in the market for more spectrum, according to T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

The C-Band Alliance alleges that T-Mobile’s “fatally flawed” revised plan for auctioning C-Band spectrum would violate the Communications Act.

Lawyers from both Sprint and T-Mobile have reportedly been in talks with FCC chairman Ajit Pai this week to discuss the merger simulation model.

FCL Tech, a subsidiary of Facebook, is asking the FCC for permission to conduct tests in Menlo Park, Calif., using 6 GHz spectrum.

T-Mobile released a few more details about its plans to offer a fixed in-home broadband service if it gets the green light to merge with Sprint.