AT&T has its hands full with its own planned acquisition of Time Warner, but it isn’t going to stand in the way of another big proposed merger, that of T-…

The proposed combination of T-Mobile and Sprint raises questions related to Bruce Henderson’s “The Rule of Three and Four."

CTIA and the CCA are urging the FCC to add the 37, 39 and 47 GHz bands to the auction of the 24 GHz band.

Representatives from six conditionally approved SAS administrators met with regulators to discuss methods by which field trials might be conducted.

AT&T’s CEO said that hiring President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen as a consultant was a “big mistake.”

AT&T's payments to Michael Cohen highlight how AT&T’s top management sought to navigate Trump’s surprise election.

The FCC didn’t deliberate long as it voted unanimously to contemplate ways to put mostly fallow 2.5 GHz spectrum to use for things like 5G.

CBRS may be getting a starring role during NFL games. Or, at least, enabling the stars to communicate.