RELEASE: Verizon expands Worry-Free Guarantee

Verizon Wireless Expands the 'Worry-Free Wireless Guarantee(R)' It Pioneered New Benefits Add Value for Loyal Customers; More Reasons to Switch to Verizon Wireless for New Customers BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Nov. 16-- Verizon Wireless, with the most loyal customer base in the industry and a strong published pledge called the Worry Free Guarantee, is making a few more promises to customers. Beginning today, the company that introduced the Worry Free Guarantee in 2001 rolls out additional guarantees to reward its loyal customers and those newly joining. The additional guarantees, for customers who sign up for My Account, the company's free, online account management site, include: * Free Back-Up Protection to automatically store a copy of current phone "contacts" list over the air at a secure Web site, eliminating the need to re-program a new phone when upgrading to the latest model or replacing a lost phone. The service otherwise costs $1.99 monthly. * Eligibility every 12 months to purchase one of the latest cool new phones at its current promotional price. This annual upgrade makes it easier to take advantage of the fast pace of new handset technology, especially when coupled with the convenience of free Back-Up "contact" protection. * A new online "Minute Check" alert that will periodically notify customers on My Account when they exceed their plan allowance and let them know of other calling plan options that may save them money. "Our Worry Free Guarantee is designed to reward our loyal customers and, at the same time, entice new customers to find out what our loyal customers already know," said Lowell McAdam, executive vice president & COO of Verizon Wireless. "Our Guarantee is another example of our commitment to customers to work ever harder to deliver the best network, service and overall wireless experience, and more advantages than any other wireless provider." New Worry Free Guarantee Verizon Wireless was the first to introduce a Worry Free Guarantee in 2001 as a pledge to customers that included the promise of the nation's most reliable wireless network, the option to change calling plans at any time, a free phone every two years and more. The Worry Free Guarantee, including the new additions, states: 1. You'll enjoy America's most reliable wireless network. 2. You have the option to change your calling plan at any time. -- Change your plan to any qualifying plan or airtime promotion. You won't pay additional fees to change. Some plans require specific equipment. Changes require a new 1 or 2-year agreement. 3. If you ever have a problem, it becomes our problem the first time you call. -- No run-around, no hassles. If your issue can't be resolved during the course of your first call, we'll get back to you with an answer. 4. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on any equipment you purchase from Verizon Wireless. -- We provide a 15-day satisfaction guarantee on any product you purchase from Verizon Wireless. You only pay for the service you've used. See Verizon Wireless Return/Exchange Policy brochure for details. -- If your phone has a defect but its warranty has expired within the past year, Verizon Wireless guarantees a pre-owned replacement for $50 or less. 5. You can get a free phone every two years with New Every Two. -- Sign up for and maintain two years of service on a plan of at least $34.99 and qualify for a free phone up to $50 or $100 depending on the monthly access of your plan. Or apply your New Every Two credit toward the purchase of a more expensive phone with a 2-year renewal. And, for customers who register with the company's free, convenient online My Account site: 6. You'll receive free Back-Up Protection so you never have to worry about losing your phone's contact list. -- As a My Account member, Back-Up Protection will let you automatically retain a copy of your saved phone numbers to a secure Web site, so they're always available if you lose or upgrade your phone. 7. You can get a new phone every year. -- Sign up for a 2-year agreement (on America's Choice calling plan of least $59.99) and you can purchase a new phone at its promotional price through My Account every year with a 2-year renewal on a calling plan of equal or greater value. 8. If you're using more minutes than your calling plan includes, we'll let you know with Minute Check. -- Minute Check will periodically notify you through My Account if you're exceeding your plan allowance and another calling plan option may save you money. All Verizon Wireless customers with up to 10 lines can register for My Account, the company's free, convenient online account management site. See for details. Back-Up Protection, the Annual Upgrade at promotion price and Minute Check are available for accounts that are enrolled in My Account. New Declining Early Termination Fee Is Another Consumer-Friendly First From Verizon Wireless Starting today, the company introduces its declining early termination fee (ETF) for new contract customers. Now, when a customer signs up for or renews Verizon Wireless service, he or she will not be required to pay a fixed early termination fee if he or she chooses to terminate service before the end of the minimum term. Verizon Wireless' contract termination fee will start at $175, as it does now, and be reduced $5 per month for each full month toward the contract's term that the customer completes. Verizon Wireless is the first wireless company to introduce a declining early termination fee nationwide -- other carriers require a fixed payment of $175 or more for the life of their contracts. The declining fee applies to contracts signed or renewed beginning today, November 16.