Remedy, Next Games and Seriously dish on what it takes to build off of a movie or TV franchise

It's the one question on every mobile game developer's lips, the issue that will take until next year to resolve but which seems crucial to the future of the industry: Will the Angry Birds movie be any good? Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's no more sensationalistic than how Hollywood tends to breathlessly promote movies and TV shows all year long. And while entertainment studios have turned books and musicals into box office blockbusters for years, they're becoming much more interested in extending the addictive nature of mobile gaming to screens both big and small. At the recent Slush conference in Helsinki, for example, mobile game developers suggested that it's not only Rovio who will be testing the limits of IP-based gaming in the next few years. All sorts of studios are talking with production companies, even if the results don't always turn out well. In this FierceDeveloper special report, experts from Remedy, Next Games and Seriously discuss what it takes to build off of a movie or TV franchise -- or to start one of your own. Special report

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