Report: Google has sold only 135,000 Nexus Ones

Sales of Google's Nexus One handset appear to be a bit on the bleak side. Mobile analytics firm Flurry reported that after 74 days on the market, just 135,000 Nexus One units have been sold--sluggish numbers when compared with other high-profile gadgets such as Motorola's Droid and Apple's iPhone.

Flurry’s numbers compare sales results for the iPhone, Droid and Nexus One through each of their respective first 74 days. Click here for more.According to the firm, the Motorola Droid (available via Verizon Wireless) sold 1.05 million units and the Apple iPhone (available via AT&T Mobility) sold one million devices during a similar time frame. Google sells its Nexus One phone via its Google-hosted Web store and through T-Mobile USA.

Sales of the Nexus One also appear to be declining. In its first month of sales, Flurry reported 80,000 Nexus One units had been sold, which means that in its second month of sales only 55,000 units were sold. Flurry said applications embedded with its technology have been downloaded to over 80 percent of all iPhone OS and Android devices, thus giving it insight into sales figures.

Further, the Nexus One launch has been hampered by some stumbles. Shortly after it launched in early January, Google acknowledged that some users were experiencing 3G network connectivity issues. Further, the search giant admitted to offering poor customer support for the gadget, and has since boosted its support efforts with a dedicated customer care phone number.

Perhaps sales of the device will pick up once a CDMA version is available. Earlier this month reports circulated that Verizon Wireless will release the HTC-built Nexus One March 23. Google previously confirmed that Verizon eventually will join T-Mobile USA in offering service for the gadget, but neither Google nor Verizon has set a launch date. Verizon has said it will not sell the device through its own retail channels.

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