Report: HTC still working on a smart watch, plans to debut it early next year

HTC is still working on a smart watch and plans to release it in early 2015, according to a CNET report, which cited unnamed sources. Some reports had indicated that HTC had scrapped its plans because it felt it couldn't compete in the wearables market, but the company thinks it can stand out from its competitors, CNET reported. The company is focused on an eye-catching design for the watch, as well as software enhancements it can make on top of the Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android Wear platform. That would follow a path HTC carved in smartphones with its Sense user interface. An HTC smart watch will compete not just with Android-based watches from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Motorola Mobility and others, but also with the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Watch, which Apple unveiled early this week and plans to start selling early next year. HTC declined to comment, according to CNETArticle

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