Report: Jobs to return, but will he introduce the new iPhone?

Apple chief Steve Jobs likely will return to work this month, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. This news could potentially set the stage for the CEO celebrity to unveil a new iPhone next week at Apple's developer's conference.

Jobs went on medical leave in January due to a "hormone imbalance," and said at the time he would return in June. According to the WSJ's unnamed sources, Jobs was "starving to death" because of an inability to digest protein, but has recovered and is on track to return to the helm of the electronics maker.

The news is sure to sooth worried Apple investors (the company's stock was up slightly today to around $144 per share following the WSJ report), and gives added credibility to speculation that Jobs will be on hand next week in San Francisco to unveil a new iPhone model--per Jobs' apparent taste for the dramatic.

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