Report: Mobiles allowed on 1/2 of airlines by '08

By the end of 2008, nearly one half of airlines worldwide will allow calls from mobile phones while in flight, according to the most recent annual survey conducted by Airline IT Trends. Also, 59 percent of all airlines plan to offer Internet and email access by the end of 2008. Airbus plans to remove the outdated "No Smoking" signs on its airplanes with a "No Mobiles" sign, which will instruct passengers not to use their mobile during take-off or landing. While the news may be welcomed by some in the wireless industry, the average flyer will have one more reason to be uncomfortable, flustered and irritable while traveling because of the predictably incessant chatter.

For more on the survey:
- take a look at this article from
- Read this for more on the in-flight change of heart.

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