Report: Motorola to develop Android phones

Motorola is reportedly betting that Google's Android operating system is going to be a money-maker. The firm has assembled a large team to work on developing handsets that will run on the OS, according to a report on the blog Tech Crunch.

The blog quotes an unnamed Android developer who says they were approached by a headhunter to join the development team, which now numbers 50, but could expand to as many as 350 people, indicating Motorola is serious about the project.

Motorola is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, and the move would mesh well with the theme of "openness" that has permeated the industry. Nokia and Verizon Wireless were also reportedly invited to attend an Android Developer Conference last week hosted by Google. Verizon has said that it would use Android, however the company has not joined the Open Handset Alliance.

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