Report: New Earthlink CEO could cut Helio

The new CEO of Earthlink, Rolla Huff is "known for his willingness to cut loose unprofitable projects," according to a report from the AP. That certainly suggests that Helio could be on the chopping block since the joint venture with SK Telecom led to Earthlink posting a $30 million loss in its last quarter. Earthlink has already pledged to invest $220 million in Helio and could spend an additional $50 million. Huff, 50, plans to wait at least two months before he makes any decisions.

"We haven't gone through the tough work of going through every business. I want to understand the key business drivers that can create value to our shareholders," Huff said.

Huff succeeds former CEO Garry Betty, who died in January from cancer at the age of 49.

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