Report: Palm's mini-Pre is code-named 'Pixie'

More reports are circulating about Palm's follow-up device to the Pre. eWeek is reporting that the second new Palm wireless device is code-named "Pixie" and will be a smaller, candy-bar phone geared to the low-end of the market. It could cost around $99.

Pixie will use Palm's webOS operating system and will have a fixed keyboard. It supposedly will be released a few months after the Pre.

It is still unknown when exactly the Pre will launch. Some have pegged the launch at May 17, taking their cue from purportedly leaked internal Sprint documents. However, there is growing speculation that Palm may wait until June 7 to launch the Pre, a day before a likely Apple keynote address at its WWDC conference, when Apple might unveil its latest iPhone incarnation.

For more:
- see this eWeek article

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