Report: Sprint to change its fees

Sprint Nextel is changing the fees it charges its customers. Sprint subscribers will no longer pay fees like the Federal Programs Cost Recovery (FPCR) fee, the Federal E911 surcharge or a Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) fee. Instead, the carrier will just charge an Administrative Charge and a Regulatory Charge. Here's part of the notice that the carrier sent its customers:

"Sprint Nextel is charging the Administrative Charge to help defray various costs imposed on us by other telecommunications carriers, including, but not limited to, charges imposed by local telephone companies for delivery of calls from our customers to their landline customers and for certain network facilities and services we must purchase from them. The Regulatory Charge is being assessed to help defray the costs of various federal, state, and local regulatory programs. These charges are not taxes and are not amounts we are required to collect from you."

DSLreports argues that the change in the way Sprint charges its customers is a reaction to a pending lawsuit that the attorney general of Missouri filed against Sprint for allegedly making subscribers think that these fees were mandated by the government. As the notice states: the fees are not taxes and they are not required by any governing body.

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