Report: Wireless industry watered down 911 location tech

According to a lengthy new report from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Center for Public Integrity, rules that would have made it easier to find the location of 911 callers were watered down by intense lobbying by the wireless industry. According to the report, technical solutions exist to more accurately locate 911 callers -- including those calling from indoors -- but a proposal by the wireless industry for location technology shifted the cost and responsibility of locating 911 callers from the carriers to the public -- thus making it impossible for the FCC to enforce.

"[This] … is a perfect example of how big money and big corporations can make it appear there's been a democratic and open process, but in fact they've corrupted the science and bought off the very organizations that are supposed to be a watchdog in protecting the public," a former senior FCC official, who asked to not be identified, told the publication. "And in this case, the result means more people will die." Article