Rogers scores Canadian iPhone deal

After a few weeks of rumors, Rogers Wireless has confirmed that Apple tapped it for an exclusive Canadian distribution agreement for the iPhone. The carrier informed its customers in an advisory notice this week, but added that pricing and availability issues were still being sorted out. Rogers is the only GSM provider in Canada, so the partnership was more or less a shoe-in and comes as little surprise. Rogers' COO Nadir Mohamed hinted at the partnership earlier this month shortly after Apple unveiled the handset: "I'm not saying whether we have agreements or anything [with Apple], but given the iPhone was launched on GSM, we're in good position to reinforce that we're the first and have the best-feature devices."

Another iPhone report is whipping the blogosphere into a frenzy: CNBC analyst Jim Cramer suggested that Cingular/AT&T will subsidize the iPhone by giving away 18 months of free service for iPhone buyers. While the idea is outright absurd since Cingular/AT&T is surely not making a dime on iPhone sales, it's an interesting concept to flip the subsidy from handset to subscription plan. If anything this proves that the iPhone rumor mill is still alive and kicking.

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