Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV Stick: The streaming video holiday battle

Roku, Amazon and Google are competing in a new and potentially significant market opportunity this holiday season: streaming TV sticks. Roku is offering its Roku Stick, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is selling its Fire TV Stick and Google is offering its Chromecast gadget. All three devices allow TV owners to access streaming video services from their existing UBS-enabled TVs.

But which of these three sticks will emerge the winner during this holiday shopping season? That's the question that FierceOnlineVideo Editor Sam Bookman takes up in this new feature: "Comparing streaming sticks: How well will Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV Stick sell this holiday season?"

Predicting which of these sticks will outsell the others should be easy--after all, Roku has been a top seller for years, right? But this year, all three of the major streaming stick providers know they've got some solid competition to beat.