RootMetrics data show Sprint, T-Mobile making gains in LTE coverage

Wireless carriers continue to boast about the progress they are making in rolling out their nationwide LTE networks. And therein lies a bit of confusion. The covered population targets the carriers announce are on a nationwide basis, and while carriers have been disclosing the names of markets they have deployed LTE service in, it's often difficult to know just how much different parts of the country are covered by LTE service by each carrier (unless you're living there, of course).

Thanks to an exclusive partnership between FierceWireless and network testing firm RootMetrics, readers will be able to see how the carriers are progressing in terms of network deployments by technology on a region-by-region basis. RootMetrics conducted extensive testing across the country both in the first half of 2014 and in the third quarter to gauge how the four Tier 1 carriers were stacking up in terms of network deployments.

RootMetrics' data showed significant improvement in Sprint's (NYSE: S) LTE network coverage from the first half to the third quarter across all regions. And, according to RootMetrics, T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) saw significant increases in LTE coverage in its test in three regions. Special report