Round-Up: T-Mobile USA's UMTS plans

Our article on T-Mobile's data services strategy last week generated a few emails (some from T-Mobile USA, too) questioning whether T-Mobile USA was really pushing Web 2.0 applications like YouTube and MySpace in lieu of mobile TV or mobile music services for its upcoming 3G rollout. So here's a round-up of a few articles following T-Mobile USA's conference call on Friday:

The Seattle Times is running an interview with T-Mobile USA CEO Robert Dotson following the conference call with a few choice quotes: "The next generation is when someone's birthday is 10 days away, we'll put a package on there that says start to think about what to give that person. We are seeing a lot of that on a desktop today in the Web 2.0 world. Now it can communicate with the handset, too, so it is life management." Also, as mentioned in the conference call, 30 percent of Web traffic on the Sidekick goes to MySpace. Article

America's Network delves into T-Mobile USA's expected UMA service rollout, in particularly the carrier's plans to unveil a hybrid handset by the end of the year. It looks like the fixed-mobile convergence trial may take place in Seattle. Article

Computer Business Review has a good write-up of the carrier's Friday conference call, which confirmed that T-Mobile has no plans to service the enterprise or make use of WiMAX technology at this time. Article