Rumor Mill: Cingular deck was down bc of Motricity

According to reports bouncing around the blogosphere, Cingular's Media Mall was taken down last week, allegedly as a result of a change Motricity pushed live to the application server. Neither Motricity nor Cingular returned calls at press time. The first reports of Cingular's Media Mall, in particular the subscription-based applications, being off-line came Friday, August 4th.

Subscribers to the [email protected] list discussed the Cingular service being off-line and some reported insider knowledge that Motricity was to blame. Others claimed Motricity was not at fault. In any case, last I checked the service is back up and running. However, it appeared to be offline from Friday August 4th until at least Friday the 11th. A whole week of no subscription-based apps running? Will the carrier compensate lost revenue to content providers? If it was an enabler's fault, what role would they play in such compensation? Or is it all just water under the bridge?

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