Rumor Mill: Motorola developing Android social-networking phone

Last month it was reported that Motorola was gathering a research and development team to produce its own phone running on Google's Android software. The purpose of that phone may have gotten a little clearer, according to a post on the blog Android Guys.

The blog posted a job listing from the design jobs website Coroloft for Motorola's Interactive Design Team that specifically mentioned Android work and what the work would center on.

They quoted the job listing as saying, "As a Senior Staff Interaction Designer, you will be responsible for leading and actively participating in the concept, design, documentation and development of user interfaces for our mobile products including our new Android Social Networking SmartPhone."

Speculation that Motorola would be developing an Android phone was based on the fact that the company is a member of the Open Handset Alliance. T-Mobile USA is launching the HTC-manufactured G1, running on Android, on Oct. 22.

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