Rumor Mill: Nokia may produce Android netbook in 2010

Nokia may offer an ARM-based netbook running on Google's Android platform in 2010, according to Lazard Capital Markets analyst Daniel Amir. The handset maker has been rumored for months to be getting into the netbook game, but details have been scarce.

Nokia will sell the netbooks through wireless carriers, continuing its traditional distribution model.

"In our conversations with ODMs, we have confirmed that Nokia is planning to enter the netbook market with a Google Android, ARM-based netbook that would be sold at carriers," Amir wrote in the note. "Considering this market is dominated by the PC players, we believe Nokia could face an uphill battle to succeed in this market."

In the past, Nokia has been rumored to be looking to partner with Taiwanese computer makers Compal Electronics and Foxconn Electronics on a netbook design. However, if the ARM-based netbook plans fall through, Nokia may fall back on its relationship with Intel, which it just struck this week.

In the same research note, Amir said he expected netbooks sales to jump to 25 million in 2009, compared to 10 million in 2008, with most runnng on Intel processors and Microsoft's Windows operating system.

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