Rumor Mill: Is PalmSource an acquisition target for RIM?

PalmSource's deal with palmOne raised rumors today that PalmSource is a potential acquisition target. Rumors started when PalmSource CEO David Nagel recently left the company. PalmSource now has a completely different management team than when it formally split from palmOne. Analysts and insiders think two companies are likely suitors for PalmSource: palmOne (soon to be Palm again) and Research in Motion (RIM). While palmOne could acquire PalmSource for as little as $75 million, RIM might have to pay as much as $225 million.

Some suggest that PalmSource might be more valuable to RIM than to palmOne, though, especially as RIM fights to expand its presence beyond the BlackBerry platform. Some insiders suggest RIM could become a more potent competitor in the handset market with control of the Palm OS.

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