Rumor Mill: SavaJe closing shop?

Rumors have been circulating the Internet recently about the imminent demise of Java mobile OS developer SavaJe. The news comes as little surprise to most industry pundits, since the company has remained under the radar for about a year now. Recent moves since its whopping $40 million VC round last December, include forays into China, partnerships with little known mobile music companies and building out its executive team with luminaries from Motorola and Openwave. Still, where were the deals? The company reportedly furloughed its developers and some other employees earlier this month, while it looks for more funding.

In 2004 the company added T-Mobile to its list of investors, which also included Vodafone and Orange. Some believed the carriers used the company as a big stick to hold over device makers, but the move to white-labeled handsets using some unknown and little tried OS may have proved to be an empty threat. While these are still just rumors, eWeek more or less proclaimed the company all but gone last week.

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