Rumor Mill: Verizon to cut rate plans prices

Verizon Wireless will simplify and drop the price of its rate plans, and will slash the price of its individual unlimited plans, according to the Boy Genius Report blog.

The blog, which cited what it said were internal Verizon documents, said that beginning Jan. 18 the nation's largest carrier will offer a postpaid $69.99 unlimited voice plan for individual customers and an $89.99 unlimited voice and texting plan. The unlimited voice plan is currently $99.99 for individuals, and the unlimited voice and text plan is currently $139.99. Unlimited data plans will still be $29.99 per month.

Additionally, according to the blog, Verizon's new prepaid plans will include an unlimited talk and text plan for $94.99.

Verizon's competitors have recently decided to spruce up their own rate plan offerings. Last fall, Sprint Nextel introduced its "Any Mobile, Anytime" feature, which offers unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to any wireless number on any U.S. wireless carrier at any time. The feature can be added to Sprint's Everything Data plan, which starts at $69.99 per month, excluding taxes and surcharges.

In October, T-Mobile USA, the No. 4 carrier, unveiled new unlimited service plans aimed at boosting the carrier's value proposition. One of those plans, Even More Plus, is a no-contract plan, and the premiere version of it gives subscribers unlimited voice, texting and Web browsing for $79.99 per month. T-Mobile's Even More plans require a two-year contract, and subsidizes the cost of a phone. The top plan under this option offers unlimited voice for $59.99. Adding unlimited data and texting to this plan brings the price up to $99.99, on par with Sprint's Simply Everything plan.

AT&T Mobility offers unlimited voice for $99.99 per month, unlimited talk and texting for $119.99 per month. The carrier offers different unlimited data plans depending on whether a customer is an iPhone user.

Representatives from Verizon declined to comment.

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