Run of the Mill: Rumor Mills that went right and wrong

The practice of rumor and speculation fueling the news is about as old as the news business itself. This is especially true in the wireless industry, where hushed words of secretive product launches (or delays), upcoming sales numbers and breathtaking technological breakthroughs often drive speculation even more than is warranted.

While FierceWireless is not in the habit of reporting on every rumor that floats around the blogosphere, we do, from time to time, report on certain rumors under the heading of "Rumor Mill." These often involve highly anticipated product launches or details about future plans of a major company in the wireless world. Suffice to say, sometimes the rumors turn out to be true, and sometimes they do not.

With that in mind, we took a look at some of the rumors we have reported on this past year--ones that turned out to be correct and others that turned out to be idle speculation--and have compiled a list of some of the juiciest ones. We'll point out either why the rumor turned out to be true or where it fell flat and we got it wrong. Click here for our Rumor Mill roundup. -Phil

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