Samsung battles EU ban on GalaxyTab sales

Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) worldwide patent fight with Samsung will take another turn Aug. 25, when the two companies will square off in a German court and Samsung will attempt to overturn a temporary European Union ban on the sale of its GalaxyTab tablet.  

Earlier this week, the German court sided with Apple and instituted a preliminary injunction on sales of Samsung's tablet in all EU countries except the Netherlands. The court declined to hear oral arguments from Samsung before it issued the injunction.

After hearing the companies' arguments later this month, the court likely will issue its decision within weeks. 

Apple has sued Samsung in the United States, other European countries and Australia. The patent fight started this spring and has escalated since, with the number of countries and patents at issue expanding. The fight has grown even more urgent given that Samsung and Apple are vying with each other for the top smartphone spot in the world, a title Apple claimed in the second quarter. Underscoring the battle is the fact that Samsung supplies components to Apple's products.

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