Samsung could lead Motorola in 2Q market share

Samsung may very well overtake Motorola in terms of market share for the second quarter, says CIBC analyst Ittai Kidron. That assessment is based on Motorola's current pull-back in emerging markets and its move to introduce higher-end devices in late 2007. Meanwhile, Samsung is looking at a significant increase in handset shipments in the second quarter as much of its growth comes from low-tier, GSM-based replacement markets in Asia, Kidron said.

For Motorola, the analyst forecasted a nearly 12 percent sequential decline in handset shipments between first and second quarters of this year, estimating that Motorola will ship 40 million phones in the second quarter, less than any quarter in more than a year. In contrast, Samsung is looking at a 9-percent sequential increase in handset shipments in the second quarter, to nearly 38 million units.

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