Samsung creates new platform for mobile healthcare, SAMI, and Simband reference design

Samsung Electronics wants to improve the sensors, data and tracking technology behind healthcare monitoring to give both consumers and healthcare providers more information about the health data they are monitoring. The smartphone giant unveiled a new hardware reference design called Simband that tracks health data like heart rate and blood pressure. The Simband will let developers and healthcare companies add in their own sensors, algorithms and tweaks, Re/code notes. The Simband will not be sold commercially but it includes sensors including acoustic ones to measure what is going on inside a person's body.

The gadget connects to Samsung's new, open source SAMI platform, which uses a mix of hardware and a cloud backend for sensor data, according to The Verge.

Samsung also announced a new $50 million fund aimed at helping various health firms work together on Samsung's Digital Health Initiative. Samsung hopes its new software platform will bring together data from various sources to provide more helpful health data analysis. Article

Samsung's new offerings come a week before Apple is expected to announce new body-monitoring services at its annual developer's conference.

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