Samsung debunks Galaxy S III launch in March; T-Mobile to offer free smartphones Feb. 11

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> AT&T Mobility recorded 215 GB of usage at the Super Bowl. Post

> Verizon Wireless reported its customers use  2.75 times more data than last year's Super Bowl in Dallas. Post

> The nation's major carriers saw significant traffic increases during the Super Bowl. Article

> Samsung debunked rumors it will introduce the Galaxy S III in March. Article

> T-Mobile USA will make all its smartphones free Feb. 11. Article

Mobile Content News

> Apple's Siri now accounts for a quarter of all Wolfram Alpha queries. Article

> Voice-over-IP provider Vonage is rolling out a new mobile application optimized for Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Article

> Mobile payment and analytics solutions firm Bango has signed an agreement to provide payment services to Facebook. Article

> Google introduced a beta version of its Chrome browser for its Android smartphone operating system. Article

> Mobile is now driving 10 percent of all online sales at Comcast. Post

And finally... Path has been uploading users' address books to its servers without users' knowledge. Article

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