Samsung unveils first mobile WiMax handset

Samsung is introducing what it calls the world's first mobile WiMax handset. At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, the Korean vendor is demonstrating WiBro, a Korean technology that is derived from the 802.16e spec that will form the basis of mobile WiMax, via the Samsung M800. An interesting development I'm sure for Sprint Nextel, which is testing a plethora of high-speed wireless technologies, including Samsung's WiBro, in its 2.5 GHz band of spectrum. For Samsung, which has failed to become a large CDMA infrastructure player outside Korea, offering a system and handsets before competitors could be a coup for the vendor. Of course, there is always a lag time for any technology to reach maturity. Korean operators are committed to launching WiBro in 2006, but they are known for taking risks by coming out of the gate early with technology.

For more information about Samsung's mobile WiMax handset:
- check out this press release