San Francisco passes cell phone radiation bill; Verizon to debut next Droid June 23

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> Motorola and Verizon Wireless will debut their next-generation Droid device on June 23, one day prior to the release of Apple's iPhone 4.  Article

> San Francisco voted on Tuesday to require all retailers to display the amount of radiation each phone emits.  Article

> Aviat Networks opened a new 128,000-square-foot facility in Santa Clara, Calif., that will be the location of its corporate headquarters. Release

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> Citi introduced Citi Shopper, a location-based mobile application promising consumers local offers and deals, price comparisons and maps to nearby retailers. Article

> FLO TV president Bill Stone said the service's future hinges on extending its service beyond television content and to more devices.  Article

> AT&T has locked down its new Android-powered HTC Aria smartphone, preventing subscribers from installing non-market apps from unknown sources. Article

And finally... Meet Pickle Von Corndog, Lord Chubby PruneFace and the other unusually named dogs compiled by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.  Article