Scenes from a show: CES photo essay

1960s Dodge CamaroLAS VEGAS--The annual Consumer Electronics Show here is truly an event. It's a trade show of massive proportions, and exhibitors span the gamut: from 3D TV makers to smartphone vendors to companies that make chairs and power cords. Further, exhibitors hold nothing back: Booths by major companies are sprawling, cavernous affairs, and contain all manner of flashy, glitzy gewgaws intended to draw in the curious buyers strolling the show floor. And the sheer breadth of the event is staggering--CES attracts around 130,000 people, a figure that stretches the limits of the massive Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding locales. While wireless made a major splash during the show, there was far more to look at than just phones and tablets. Check out a few scenes from this year's CES to get a sense of what it's like on the ground. Slideshow