Senate committee greenlights Same Number Act

As we reported recently, the Senate is mulling over a bill that would expedite number portability, especially between users of wireline (including VoIP) and wireless services. The bill, called The Same Number Act of 2007, has just received the go-ahead from the Senate Commerce Committee so it may get put to a vote in front of the full Senate. Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) is sponsoring the bill.

"As better, more affordable voice services become available, many consumers decide to switch to new providers," said Senator Stevens. "Requiring the FCC to update its number portability rules will enable those individuals to keep their existing numbers, and help them stay connected with friends, family, and other close contacts."

The bill specifically establishes porting timelines for different porting scenarios, like wireless to wireline number transfers. It also calls for data exchange requirements for each class of portability and annual reports for the first five years from voice service providers to determine if any changes or adjustments should be made.

For more on the bill:
- see this brief from Stevens' office