Seybold Seminar touches on hot topics

Known as a must-attend seminar for wireless industry executives, the Andrew Seybold University—School of Wireless Mobility will once again be held in conjunction with the CTIA IT conference in San Francisco. ASU will take place on Oct. 22 and it will provide wireless industry executives with insight into the latest in wireless technology and applications.

The seminar, which was created by industry expert Andrew Seybold, will address some hot industry topics such as “open access,” the 700 MHz spectrum auctions (and what the potential results will mean to the industry), and new technologies such as WiMAX, LTE and UMB.

Seybold, who is a monthly columnist for FierceWireless, is known for his frank assessment of industry technologies and services. Seybold’s course will take a similar tact by providing attendees with assessments of different content and technologies and the applications that wireless operators believe will drive the increased adoption of wireless services.