Smartphones, operating systems, top apps and more

As a FierceWireless reader, you expect our daily e-newsletter to deliver the top stories of the day along with some thoughtful analysis. But FierceWireless is much more than just a daily news source. In case you haven' t noticed, we have been ramping up our wireless content offering to deliver what we think are some pretty compelling special features with photos, commentary from top analysts, market statistics and more.

I know your days are busy and you may not always catch all the extra content we are delivering. So I thought I'd point out a few things that we have recently posted that you might have overlooked:

  • Several members of Fierce's editorial team traveled to the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2009 conference in San Diego last week. Here's a rundown of our impressions from the show, including the companies and products that we thought were the biggest winners and losers at CTIA IT. Check out our CTIA IT Scorecard here.
  • Every month, comScore conducts monthly user surveys, and the research firm provides FierceDeveloper with a list of the top operating systems in the U.S. based on the responses from those surveys. To see a list of the top mobile operating systems click here.  
  • iPhone apps are proliferating so quickly it's hard to know which ones are really resonating with consumers. FierceMobileContent helps you cut through the noise with its compilation of the top paid apps at the App Store, the top grossing apps at the App Store and the top free apps from the App Store. Stay tuned for similar lists for Android and BlackBerry.
  • Research firm Dell'Oro Group has compiled a list of the top WCDMA vendors according to second-quarter market share. Check out the list here.
  • FierceWireless:Europe editor Paul Rasmussen counts down the hottest smartphones in Europe, with commentary from analysts Tim Shepherd of Canalys and Winsdor Holden of Juniper Research. Click here for the list.

Look for more in-depth content in the weeks ahead. Some projects we are working on include the top global wireless carriers and our much-anticipated 25 Most Powerful People in Wireless 2009 list. --Sue

P.S. Speaking of compelling content, if you are heading to Chicago next week to attend the Supercomm conference, you might want to check out FierceTelecom's Executive Breakfast, Wireless Backhaul: A Wholesale Provider Perspective. The event will take place Thursday, Oct. 22, at 7:15 a.m. at the Hilton Chicago. My colleague Sean Buckley, the editor of FierceTelecom, will be moderating the breakfast panel that includes executives from Qwest Wholesale Markets, Verizon Partner Solutions, FiberTower and Level 3 Communications.