Softbank Mobile launches 3G IMS

Softbank Mobile launched Ericsson's IMS over 3G solution, which will allow the Japanese carrier to quickly deploy a range of applications including push-to-talk and presence or group management. Per the deal announced earlier this year, Ericsson provided all the infrastructure, system integration and support services for the project.

The Financial Times is also running a Softbank Mobile piece: Apparently, the carrier is changing the way it counts subscribers. Softbank will extend the period in which it includes inactive pay-as-you-go users from six to 12 months. Because of the change in methodology, the carrier could report a net gain in subscribers in its recent quarterly report. Local analysts estimate the company was able to say it added between 30,000 and 35,000 new users because of the accounting change, instead of the estimated loss of 5,000 subs, which the old accounting would have uncovered. While the age-old art of subscriber counting has seen scurrilous practices in the past, I'm surprised Softbank is attempting such a change in a transparent environment. How can they get away with it?

For more on Softbank's new procedures:
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