Sound Off - Industry players debate white space decision

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, the FCC approved the use of TV white space spectrum for unlicensed wireless devices. Here are some of the reactions to the Federal Communications Commission decision:  

"The Alliance and our members commend the OET and the FCC for their leadership and expertise all along the way, even in the face of the ever-constant rhetoric and misinformation. They deserve a tremendous amount of respect and credit for remaining focused on the science and the data amid a difficult political atmosphere. OET's report will now enable the Commission to set standards and specifications for the development and use of white space technology. But most importantly, it has paved the way for the next generation of wireless technologies, broadband deployment, and information sharing that will benefit every American in the coming years."--Jake Ward, Wireless Innovation Alliance spokesman
"While we appreciate the FCC's attempt to address significant issues raised by broadcasters and others, every American who values interference-free TV should be concerned by today's Commission vote. By moving the 'white space' vote forward, the Commission appears to have bypassed meaningful public or peer review in a proceeding of grave importance to the future of television." --National Association of Broadcasters Executive Vice President Dennis Wharton dennis wharton

"This is a clear victory for Internet users and anyone who wants good wireless communications...

"I've always thought that there are a lot of really incredible things that engineers and entrepreneurs can do with this spectrum. We will soon have "WiFi on steroids," since these spectrum signals have much longer range than today's WiFi technology and broadband access can be spread using fewer base stations resulting in better coverage at lower cost. And it is wonderful that the FCC has adopted the same successful unlicensed model used for WiFi, which has resulted in a projected 1 billion Wi-Fi chips being produced this year. Now that the FCC has set the rules, I'm sure that we'll see similar growth in products to take advantage of this spectrum. "--Larry Page, Co-Founder and President of Products of Google

"The FCC has taken a significant step to usher in a new era of technology allowing for major investments in innovative wireless broadband, education, and government/enterprise applications to spur economic development. Motorola looks forward to developing products to market that will help consumers realize the full potential of the TVWS including the opportunity to make broadband access, as well as other communication services, available to millions of underserved Americans."-- Motorola Co-CEO and President Greg Brown Greg Brown Motorolla
"The bipartisan decision to open white spaces puts consumers first, marking a change in Internet policy we can all believe in. Over the past eight years, the United States has fallen behind many other world leaders in providing fast, affordable Internet access. Nearly half of American homes are still not connected to broadband. The phone and cable companies that dominate the broadband market promise more of the same slow speeds and high prices that put us in this mess. Opening white spaces adds much-needed competition and innovation--sparking economic growth at a time when jobs and investment are on a downward spiral. Thankfully, the mudslinging is over. Now it's time to start a new era of innovation that will help close the digital divide and finally provide Internet for everyone."--Ben Scott, policy director of Free Press