SouthernLINC pushes A-GPS

iDEN operator SouthernLINC is making sure all its customers have upgraded to A-GPS-capable handsets. The carrier announced today that it is offering free A-GPS-capable handsets to its customers that don't have one and they don't have to extend their contract to get the new handsets. Subscribers can choose from a Motorola i265, Motorola i355, Motorola i560 or Motorola i670.

The small Atlanta-based operator is smart to push its customers to upgrade their phones in the wake of regulatory focus on E911 accuracy. The FCC last week tentatively concluded that cell phone companies should employ stricter geographic standards when testing the location accuracy of their handsets. In addition, the regulatory agency is questioning whether there should be one, technology neutral standard for E911 instead of the current scenario where CDMA operators such as Sprint and Verizon use a GPS-based handset solution and other operators such as AT&T use network-based triangulation for E911.

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