Spain's FON talking to U.S. cable operators

Spain's FON, which is creating a global wireless Internet community by turning home or business Internet connections into hotspots, revealed that it expects to sign some major deals with cable companies in the U.S. during the next six months. Backed by VC money from Google, Skype, eBay, Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital, FON says it has 95,000 registered users and 20,000 hotspots. FON is selling one million Internet routers that would let hot spot owners share in small daily fees charged to roaming computer users for five euros in Europe or $5 for those in the U.S. The service is already available on a limited basis in six countries: the U.S., Spain, South Korea, Germany, France and Italy. The largest number of users is in the U.S. and Spain. FON plans to enter the Chinese market later this month.

For more about FON's potential deals with cable operators:
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