Speakeasy launches pre-WiMax network in Seattle

Wireless ISP Speakeasy Networks yesterday launched a pre-WiMax broadband wireless network in downtown Seattle. The service provider is operating its network from the top of five buildings in Seattle, including the Space Needle and the Westin Building. Speakeasy's service provides wireless backhaul as a cheaper alternative to T-1 and other landline services. The company expects to cover downtown Seattle with several packages. Aggregate 6 Mbps of bandwidth will be available for $800 per month. Service with T-1 speeds of 1.5 Mbps in upload and download will be available for between $500 to $550 per month. The company is promising service delivery within 48 hours, unlike traditional T-1s, which can take up to three weeks to install. Speakeasy plans to offer full commercial service starting June 15.

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