Spectrum Bridge launches white space website

Spectrum Bridge has launched a new website to provide consumers with the ability to find any open white space channels at any location in the United States, adding further momentum to the idea of widespread commercial availability of white space devices.

The company, which created the online spectrum marketplace SpecEx, said the website will advocate for the benefits of using unlicensed white space spectrum--the unused slivers of spectrum in the 700 MHz band between spectrum used by broadcast TV stations. The website also provides historical and technical information on white space and links to official FCC documents and other white space-related resources.

The move comes after the FCC posted its ruling on white space rules online, which will be effective March 19. As Spectrum Bridge notes, white space access points and certain devices must be registered into an online database. Google, and other tech allies on the white space front, recently formed a group to lobby the FCC with recommendations for what the technical specifications should be in the database.  

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