SPOTLIGHT: T-Mobile in hot water over advertising in the U.K.

What, an operator is in trouble for exaggerating service coverage? It can't be true. The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority is reprimanding T-Mobile for making exaggerated claims about its Web 'n' Walk mobile Internet service. Orange objected to the carrier's use of the advertising slogan: "The Internet, wherever you are." Orange said that was a bogus claim given the fact that T-Mobile's 3G data services only covered 85 percent of the U.K. Maybe T-Mobile should come up with something like: "The Internet, in some of the places you are." Of course, that could be the tagline for every 3G provider for quite some time. The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority scolded T-Mobile just last month for another commercial featuring a woman holding a baby while driving. Article