SPOTLIGHT: Thin is in this year

When it comes to handsets, thin is in this year, thanks to Motorola's RAZR phone. Nokia has introduced a slim flip phone that some say could effectively compete with Motorola's popular RAZR phone. The 6131 camera phone has 8x digital zoom, a digital music player, an FM stereo radio, audio messaging and push-to-talk capability. It's a quadband phone, which means it can operate on four of the major standards in use around the world. Meanwhile, both Sony Ericsson and NEC introduced thin phones. NEC claims its model is the world's thinnest clamshell handset, measuring in at a meager 90.8 x 47.9 x 11.9 mm and 94 g. Sony Ericsson says its K610 would be the smallest and lightest 3G handset on the market. Article