Sprint adds flair to customer bills

It's the week after CTIA and there seems to be dearth of news. Sprint Nextel has announced changes to its billing practices to make it easier for subscribers to understand. Sprint cites a March 2005 USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll that found 42 percent of respondents thought wireless bills were confusing and problematic.

  • Sprint plans on simplifying their bills by only mailing out three pages (not counting call details) which is half the size of the industry average: six or seven pages.
  • The carrier also plans to add more white space, graphics, colored paper and larger text.
  • Proving that personalization and customization have even penetrated the most asinine of tasks, Sprint plans to "personalize" their subscribers' bills with information on products and services that are relevant to each of their subscribers, i.e. targeted advertising.

The carrier is slowly moving all of its customers over to the new billing format and should complete the process by year-end.

For more on Sprint's new billing practices:
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