Sprint board approves incentive plan; AT&T, CWA reach tentative contract agreement

> Sprint Nextel's board of directors approved a 2009 long-term incentive plan that includes $2.125 million and nearly 3 million stock options for CEO Dan Hesse. Article

> AT&T Mobility and the Communications Workers of America have reached a tentative contract agreement for 20,000 AT&T workers. Article

> Palm announced that its Treo Pro smartphone would be available through Sprint beginning March 15 for $199 after rebates and contract agreements. Article 

> AT&T agreed to pay as much as $2.6 million to settle claims by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo that the carrier's rebate offers misled customers and did not clearly spell out their limitations. Article

> Verizon Wireless said it had entered into an agreement with Ambient Corp. to push for smart grid technology. Release

> Consumer groups are ramping up their efforts to petition the government to end handset-carrier exclusivity arrangements, such as between Apple and AT&T over the iPhone 3G, which they say hinders competition. Article

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