Sprint, Clearwire WiMAX Merger Timeline

Timeline of Sprint, Clearwire, WiMAX

5-6-08 - Report: Sprint considers Nextel spin-off

5-6-08 - Qwest drops Sprint, taps Verizon for wireless

5-5-08 - T-Mobile USA to merge with Sprint Nextel?

5-2-08 - Sprint appoints Brust as CFO

4-24-08 - Cable companies exit Pivot JV with Sprint

4-4-08 - Backhaul bottleneck reason for Xohm's woes?

4-3-08 - Sprint's Xohm has been delayed

3-26-08 - Report:Cable MSOs to invest in Sprint-Clearwire

3-19-08 - Analyst: Intel unlikely to invest $2B in WiMAX

3-18-08 - Sprint round-up: Board exits; lawsuit; unlimited ad

3-12-08 - SPOTLIGHT: Sprint shares near 20 year low

3-10-08 - Sprint, it's time to take the money

3-6-08 - Sprint's troubles inspire rumor mill

3-4-08 - Clearwire adds 47,000 subscribers

2-29-08 - SPOTLIGHT: Sprint should not have bought Nextel

2-28-08 - Hesse: Sprint's issues more difficult than expected

2-22-08 - Sprint: We'll make Xohm SDK available

2-15-08 - Rumor Mill: Intel investing $2B in Sprint/Clearwire

2-6-08 - Report: Kuwaiti firm eyes Sprint, Clearwire

2-4-08 - SPOTLIGHT: Is Sprint worth saving?

1-31-08 - Clearwire confirms deal talks with Sprint

1-30-08 - Sprint commits to iDEN, revives Clearwire talks

1-24-08 - Sprint cuts CFO, CMO and sales head

1-3-08 - Analyst predicts Sprint's Q4 will be ugly

12-18-07 - Hesse to take helm at Sprint

12-12-07 - Sprint soft launches WiMAX in three markets

11-30-07 - Sprint rejects SK Telecom's $5B investment

11-28-07 - Analyst: Sprint and Clearwire to reunite?

11-12-07 - Rumor Mill: Google buying Sprint?

11-9-07 - Sprint and Clearwire call off WiMAX JV

11-2-07 - Sprint's about-face on Pivot

11-2-07 - Sprint mulls WiMAX spin-off again?

11-1-07 - Sprint's net income plummets 77 percent in Q3

10-10-07 - Post-Forsee, Sprint faces pressure over WiMAX

10-9-07 - Sprint CEO Gary Forsee is out

10-5-07 - Report: Sprint's board wants new CEO by Dec.

10-4-07 - Investors lose confidence in Sprint CEO

9-24-07 - SPOTLIGHT: Chicago gets WiMAX preview

8-27-07 - Samsung gets Sprint's NY WiMAX market, too

8-24-07 - Can Sprint keep WiMAX expectations in check?

8-17-07 - Xohm Steals the Spotlight

8-17-07 - Sprint may triple backhaul assets for WiMAX

8-16-07 - Sprint outlines "Xohm" WiMAX plans

8-7-07 - Clearwire reveals more on Sprint partnership

8-1-07 - FiberTower inks backhaul deal for Sprint's WiMAX

7-26-07 - Sprint inks deal with Google for WiMAX network

7-19-07 - Sprint and Clearwire merge WiMAX networks

7-19-07 - Sprint and Clearwire pool WiMAX networks

7-18-07 - Sprint taps ZTE for WiMAX data cards

3-27-07 - Sprint expands WiMAX markets, devices

2-8-07 - SPOTLIGHT: Sprint taps Samsung for DC WiMAX

1-2-07 The WiMAX hype will continue

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