Sprint confirms Q4 phone launches

Recent reports on various blogs have shown leaked photos of Sprint-branded handsets, including: the HTC Touch (photo), BlackBerry Pearl 813 (photo), Palm Centro (photo) and LG Rumor (photo). Earlier in the month we reported that Sprint would launch the Touch and the Centro sometime this year, now we've got confirmation that the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and the LG Rumor are on the way as well. Here's what we know:

  • HTC Touch: Full touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6, EVDO-A upgradeable
  • Palm Centro: Palm OS, EVDO, touchscreen
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8130: EVDO, GPS, stereo Bluetooth
  • LG Rumor: sliding QWERTY keypad, Bluetooth, Micro SD expandable

Pretty much all of these specs are in line with what we've been expecting, save for the LG Rumor, which we've never seen before. Apparently the Rumor is "messaging focused [and] easy to use," with "[q]uick and easy access to social networking communities like Facebook and MySpace," according to leaked spec sheets. 

Sprint spokeswoman Michelle Leff Mermelstein confirmed that all four of these handsets are landing in Q4 of this year and pricing will be announced at the time of their individual launch dates.

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