Sprint drops price of new Instinct

Sprint is debuting its iPhone-killer smartphone, the new Samsung Instinct, at a cheaper price than previously announced to counteract AT&T's plan to subsidize the 3G version of the iPhone. Sprint announced the Instinct will cost $130 with a $100 rebate and a two-year contract instead of $200 it announced earlier this month. The Instinct will go on sale tomorrow. AT&T is subsidizing the iPhone 3G for $200 for the 8GB version.

There may be a cost difference between the phones but the pricing plans will be about the same. Sprint customers who purchase the Instinct must also purchase a pricing plan offering unlimited data. Those plans start at $70 per month. AT&T requires a voice plan for about $40 and a minimum $30-per month data plan, up from $20 for the original iPhone.

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