Sprint launches community website

Sprint has launched a community website and discussion board for Sprint subscribers and others to air their grievances and engage the carrier in a dialogue. The site's aim is to strengthen Sprint's customer relations, particularly these three weaknesses, according to the site: Sprint doesn't listen, Sprint has lost its "human side" and Sprint hasn't really helped its customers. Those are the messages customer relations at Sprint have taken to heart, their solution is www.buzzaboutwireless.com.

The Sprint site administrator, Tristan Kime wrote: "We will listen, we will engage in dialogue. We may not always agree, but we WILL be friendly. We will help.  There are humans here at Sprint. That's right, people who are a lot like you. Get to know us and discover we love mobile stuff just like you!" On the discussion board, over in the rants and raves section one poster wrote: "After 3 horrible years dealing with Sprint Customer Service and Retentions I am ready to pay my ETF Early Termination Fee and move to The New AT&T (Cingular). But if I can stand the continuing pain of being with Sprint, I will probably wait until the Apple iPhone comes out later this year."

Should be an interesting project for the carrier, which promises to allow open discussion.

For more on Sprint's site:
- check it out the discussion board at BuzzAboutWireless
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